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Schöck Tronsole® modèle T - Isolation contre les bruits d'impact entre l'escalier et le palier ou la dalle d'étage

Schöck Tronsole® type T

Schöck Tronsole® type T can be used for acoustically insulated connections between in-situ concrete or prefabricated stairs and in-situ concrete or element landings. The range covers all landing thicknesses and stair widths. Connections do not require corbels. For sophisticated architectural designs.

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  • Schöck Elodur® elastomer support
    Ensures an impact sound level delta of ∆Lw* ≥ 27 dB to ∆Lw* ≥ 33 dB on all products, tested to DIN 7396.
  • Fire resistance class R90 
    Complies with the requirements for fire resistance class R90 (subject to appropriate on-site additional reinforcement of the landing)
  • Suitable for emergency exits
    Confirmed in the fire safety certificate
  • Straight joint profile 
    Enables straight joints and easy removal of formwork at the prefabricating plant or on site
  • Customised
    Type T can either be cut to length or ordered in the required length. Minimum lengths apply.
  • Integrated gripper
    For easy fastening to the formwork
Staircase systems