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Schöck Tronsole® modèle Q - Isolation contre les bruits d'impact entre un escalier en colimaçon et le mur

Schöck Tronsole® type Q

Schöck Tronsole® type Q enables acoustically insulated connections between winding staircases and staircase walls. Its compact design makes Schöck Tronsole® type Q easy to install in winding stairs.

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  • Schöck Elodur® elastomer support
    Ensures an impact sound level delta of ∆Lw* ≥ 27 dB to ∆Lw* ≥ 33 dB on all products, tested to DIN 7396.
  • Optional fire protection kit
    Complies with the requirements of fire resistance class R90 up to a joint width of 65 mm
  • Flexible application
    Even fits treads that are 120 mm thick
  • More potential applications
    Can even be used with joints up to 100 mm.
  • Suitable for emergency exits
    Confirmed in the fire safety certificate
  • Adapts to inclination
    Rotatable load-bearing element with tongue and groove to ensure correct positioning makes installation easier.
  • Load-bearing integration
    Hanging loop on collet for load-bearing integration and correct positioning - increases execution reliability.
Staircase systems
Hear the difference.
Impact sound insulation compared.

For the first time, DIN 7396 describes clear test conditions for measuring the acoustic properties of impact soundproofing elements. Tests are performed on common staircase geometries and under the loads usually occurring in buildings. The characteristic values specified in DIN 7396 can be used for soundproofing certification according to DIN 4109. All Schöck Tronsole® types have been tested using this procedure.

Schöck Elodur®

Schöck Elodur® is an elastomer support that was developed specifically for impact sound insulation. It is the key component in Schöck Tronsole®. Unlike conventional impact sound insulation supports, Schöck Tronsole® achieves an improvement of about 10 dB in impact sound insulation performance by using the elastomer support, Schöck Elodur®. This is approximately equivalent to about half the perceived loudness level.


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