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Latest Schöck engineering means even better performance


Latest Schöck Isokorb type KXT. Image: Schöck Ltd.

We are seeing increasingly stringent EU guidelines and from 2021 all new buildings have to be designed according to low energy building standards. In addition, challenging building regulation requirements and the demands for improved thermal insulation have never been greater. To help push the boundaries in meeting those demands, Schöck has developed the latest generation Isokorb, for concrete-to-concrete applications with the introduction of a new production technique for its pressure-bearing module.

The new HTE Compact pressure-bearing module, made of high-density micro-fibre reinforced concrete, now offers even better thermal insulation. Even though the pressure-bearing module is now considerably smaller, it is still capable of transferring the same high load levels. In the case of connectivity involving free cantilevered balconies, the newly engineered pressure bearing module achieves an improvement of 25% in the equivalent thermal conductivity λeq compared to the previous generation. The new products (80 mm and 120 mm insulation thickness) are therefore 25 % thermally better than their previous generations.

Through close collaboration with its clients, Schöck has also optimised the load capacity of the Isokorb range. As a result, the load capacities most frequently in demand have been identified and appropriate refinements applied to the product portfolio. The range now provides planners not only with a structurally optimised product solution for the construction of cantilevered components, but brings with it cost advantages as well.

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