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Isokorb type KS – for concrete-to concrete connections

The Isokorb type KS is a highly cost-effective load-bearing, thermal insulating element for connecting cantilevered steel components to reinforced concrete. It now has around 20 percent more load-bearing capacity in the bending moment, which means that th

In addition to the higher load-bearing capacity, the insulation performance has also been improved and thermal conductivity is now 0.031 W/(mK). This is due to the Neopor® insulating element (a foamable EPS polystyrene material) with added graphite from BASF.

The different types available ensure the transmission of shear, bending moment and tension, as well as compression.

All of the Isokorb thermal break modules provide BBA Certification and LABC Registration, with the range comfortably exceeding the UK regulation (BRE IP1/06). This requires that the temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI), must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for dwellings, residential buildings and public buildings. There is also compliance with the Government Standard Assessment Procedure, SAP 2009, concerning CO2 emissions from buildings and respectively heat losses through non-repeating thermal bridges. Here, the lambda values of the Schöck Isokorb® enable energy loss in various connective situations to be reduced by as much as 84% to 91%.

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