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A host of new features and services with the revamped Schöck website

Relaunch Pressebild

The importance of providing an informative, high-quality, customer-facing website has never been more vital. Image: Schöck Ltd.

For market leading companies today, the importance of providing an informative, high quality, customer-facing website has never been more vital in maintaining a competitive edge. Schöck constantly assesses its own performance in every area of its business and the website is no exception. As a result, it was decided that a revamp was due. No easy task across twenty-four international sites. But after months of development, each country will soon see a radical change in their website offering. The UK site is to be launched for Ecobuild, with the emphasis on offering a responsive and free-to-use service for architects, engineers and contractors.

The most noticeable change is the approach used to navigate the pages. Marketing Director Inka Lamprecht explains: “Scrolls replace clicks. Clicking is out, nowadays you swipe and scroll. Users are in the habit of swiping their smartphones and tablets and the trend is now dominating modern web design.”

There are a number of other new features. The responsive new web design ensures that the appearance of the website is consistent, regardless of the device used to view it. Clicking laboriously through several sub-pages is a thing of the past and as a result, each page is now longer. Also the content has been completely restructured as part of the relaunch and effectively there is systematic guidance for the user. Reference examples and installation videos are now displayed actually in the product area. And sophisticated search options, such as the Product Finder module, now guides users step-by-step from component, to the correct product selection for any installation situation.

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