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Schöck Thermoanker-H: for supported, core-insulated concrete walls

For supported, core-insulated concrete walls

Schöck Isolink® type TA-H

The Schöck Isolink® type TA-H is a glass fibre reinforcement that acts as both connector and spacer in core-insulated concrete walls. The Isolink® type TA-H has slanted ends that makes it invisible on the surface of the finished concrete façade.

The Schöck Isolink® type TA-H façade fastener with depth limiter ensures concrete cover and can therefore be used on architectural concrete up to class 4.

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Isolink® type TA-H is inserted horizontally in core-insulated sandwich and element walls with supported facework, which explains the H in the name. Walls with self-supporting facework require the use of the Isolink® type TA-D, as well.

Its cylindrical geometry facilitates positioning of the glass fibre anchor without having to worry about location accuracy.

The Schöck Isolink® type TA-H is certified as a passive house component in the façade anchor category.

  • Performs two tasks
    Spacer and connector in one
  • Optimum insulation performance
    Glass fibre anchor with outstanding characteristic values
  • Versatile
    Can be used with any type of insulation
  • Resistant to corrosion
    Glass fibre reinforcement will not rust, even without a concrete cover
  • For any system
    For supported and self-supporting façades
  • Compact
    Easy to store and install
  • Design scope
    Option of designing large-scale elements with less joints
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