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Steel-to-steel canopies and balconies.Schöck Isokorb® type KST.

The Schöck Isokorb® type KST is a load bearing thermal insulation element for connecting cantilevered steel girders to steel structures in new construction or renovation projects.

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Flexible application

Steel constructions can be realised and penetrating support structures, such as canopy roofs, frame system crossbars or balconies, can be reliably separated and thermal bridges thus minimised.

The Schöck Isokorb® type KST for steel constructions is comprised of the modules KSTZ for tensile force and KSTQ for transferring shear and normal forces. Quantity and layout in the construction are dictated by the size of the profiles and cross sections.

The modular design of the Schöck Isokorb® type KST ensures that it can be adapted to all profile sizes and load bearing capacity requirements.

If you have any questions or require a personal consultation, please contact:

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  • BBA Certification
    Technically approved and certified by the BBA
  • Independently verified
    A thermal modelling study was undertaken by the OISD (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Easy to install
    Just like normal front slab connections – for all common steel profiles
  • Modular design
    Separate insulating adapters permits individual height adjustment on site
  • Stainless steel
    Good load bearing capacity and reliable thermal insulation
  • Versatile use
    In new buildings, renovation projects and special applications
Technical Information
Technical Information Schöck Isokorb® type KST
pdf, 4,43 MB (25/09/2018)
Technical Information
Schöck Isokorb® type KST User Selection Guide
pdf, 1,93 MB (23/06/2014)
Installation instructions
Installation Instruction Schöck Isokorb® Type KST
pdf, 2,20 MB (20/09/2018)
OISD Test Report Schöck Isokorb® Type KST
pdf, 1,40 MB (25/08/2015)
Advisory opinion Schöck Isokorb® Type KST
pdf, 402,63 KB (05/02/2010)
Advisory Opinion Fire Protection Schöck Isokorb® Type KST
pdf, 2,39 MB (16/09/2015)
SCI - Thermal bridging in steel construction - Schöck Isokorb type KS and KST
pdf, 5,90 MB (17/01/2017)
BBA Approval Isokorb® for Steel-to-Steel
pdf, 2,06 MB (25/04/2019)
Animation of Schöck Isokorb® type KST