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Contact.International consultancy services.

The consultancy services provided by Schöck are just as convincing at international level. When you contact colleagues in the "International consultancy" department, you are talking to competent experts who are not just familiar with the products; they are also able to take the technical boundary conditions and general conditions prevailing in your specific country into consideration.

International consultancy services
BEng (Hons) Dominic Willetts
Technical Design Support
Tel: +49 7223 967-191
Fax: +49 7223 967-7191
Dipl.-Ing. Selda Sorg
Technical Design Support
Tel: +49 7223 967-413
Fax: +49 7223 967-7413
M.Sc. Ing. Georgios Evangelidis
Technical Design Support
Tel: +49 7223 967-243
Fax: +49 7223 967-7243
Florian Brauer
Technical Design Support
Tel: +49 7223 967-134
Fax: +49 7223 967-7134
Dip.-Ing. Valeri Tscherkas
Technical Design Support
Tel: +49 7223 967-484
Fax: +49 7223 967-7484
Isabelle Caron
Customer service
Tel: +49 7223 967-634
Fax: +49 7223 967-470