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Heavy-duty dowel bar for transferring high shear forces

Schöck Dorn SLD

Structures without slab joists and cantilevers can be realised with the Schöck Dorn SLD, which acts as a slab support. The Schöck dowel bar is made of high grade stainless steel and is corrosion proof. The low frictional resistance and good abrasion resistance of the material ensure joint permanency and maintenance-free movement, thus sustaining load bearing capacity.

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Tested and approved

The dowel's assurance of safety has been tested and approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) in Berlin. The optionally available fire protection collar enables F-90 system solutions. As such, Schöck Dorn SLD maximise design freedom and reduce planning, execution and acceptance risks on site.

  • Good load bearing capacity in thin elements
    Effective anchors enable application of high loads to the concrete element
  • Approved safety
    General technical approval issued by DIBt Berlin: Z-15.7-236
  • Successfully fire tested
    F90 fire resistance class can be achieved by adding the patented fire protection collar
  • Easy to install
    The sleeve end is fastened to the formwork. The dowel is then simply pushed into the sleeve
  • Simple to design
    With convenient design program
Installation instructions
Installation Instruction Schöck Dorn SLD
pdf, 5,84 MB (08/01/2019)
Technical Information
Technical Information Schöck Dorn type SLD
pdf, 6,72 MB (08/01/2019)
Schöck Dorn type SLD: Transfer of high shear forces within expansion joint.
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