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London, GB

Rathbone Market

BIL_REF_UK-The Rathbone Market-Bild1_16z9_FHD.jpg

Inner courtyard of the development, Photo: Schöck Ltd

BIL_REF_UK-The Rathbone Market-Bild2_Hochformat.jpg

Unusually large cantilevered balconies, Schöck Ltd

BIL_REF_UK-The Rathbone Market-Bild3_16z9_FHD.jpg

The Rathbone Market scheme, Photo: Schöck Ltd

The Rathbone Market scheme, part of the Canning Town and Custom House regeneration programme, is a three-phase development that when complete will see the area totally reinvigorated. There will be a new market square at the heart of the community, bordered by around 35,000 sq ft of new shops and cafes. The development will also feature offices; community facilities, two new public squares and 652 new homes.

The majority of apartments on the upper levels will have a double aspect and all will have balconies. The intention is to provide a development of great visual depth, using two colours of brick. The balconies are designed with an unusually large 2.3 metre cantilever and to meet this demanding specification, it is the Schöck Isokorb® that is being incorporated into the project. Specifically the product being used at Rathbone Market is the Schöck Isokorb® T type SK for concrete-to-steel connectivity. It is 180mm wide and between 180 and 280mm high to allow flexible adjustment for differing slab thicknesses and contains 80mm of insulation thickness. It can also bear extremely heavy loads and this combination of features makes the units ideal in meeting the various thermal and structural demands involved with such large modern balconies.