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Schöck Alphadock®.Thermally insulating connection for reinforced concrete walls.

Schöck Alphadock® is ideal for minimising thermal bridges when connecting concrete walls. Alphadock® reduces the connection face of the wall under static load by as much as 95 percent and heating loss. 

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Seamless insulation of the building envelope

Thermal bridges in concrete wall connections cause significant energy losses and make it difficult to achieve the highest energy standards in new buildings. Additionally they present a risk area for condensation and mould that can cause structural damages and occupant health issues.

While continuous thermal insulation of the building envelope enables huge energy savings, it can be difficult to achieve, given the structural requirements of element connections such as concrete walls.

Schöck Alphadock® is a thermally insulating wall connection that combines outstanding insulation performance with dependable load bearing capacity.

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  • Avoids linear thermal bridges in reinforced concrete walls
    No longer any need for penalties in building envelope calculations
  • Superb load bearing capacity and reduced energy loss 
    Large buildings with very high static loads can be designed to the highest energy saving standards
  • Interior insulation enables the use of cheaper insulating materials
    Moving the insulating perimeter from beneath the ceiling to above the ceiling enables huge cost savings
  • More usable area
    Since Schöck Alphadock® reduces thermal transmission losses, the exterior insulation can be designed thinner, thus generating more usable inside area (2 cm reduction on a 20 m x 20 m footprint / 4 floors = 6.4 sqm more usable area)
  • Installation aid for easy and time-saving installation
    Handling comparable to parapet connections
  • Modular design
    Optional cage and separate insulation adapters for individual width adjustment on site
Brochure Schöck Alphadock®
pdf, 1,00 MB (19/07/2019)