At last - peace and quiet. Schöck Tronsole®.

The importance of good impact sound protection on the stairways of multi-occupier buildings cannot be stressed enough. The Schöck Tronsole® offers the ideal solution. It is a complete, dependable, ready to build impact sound insulation system that is quick and cost-effective to install and meets compliance with the necessary building stairway regulations.

All the stair connections and joints are completely sealed for cleanliness - avoiding any possible sonic bridges being formed by stones or brick chips becoming lodged.

The Tronsole® system is a high quality, maintenance free solution to bothersome noise on multi-occupier building stairways.

Schöck Tronsole® type T

Impact acoustic separation of flights and landings.

Schöck Tronsole® type F

Acoustic separation of pre-fabricated flights and landings.

Schöck Tronsole® type R

Impact noise suppression for tread of straight and spiral flights (for renovation and subsquent fitting).

Schöck Tronsole® type QW

Acoustic partition of pre-fabricated spiral flight and existing walls.

Schöck Tronsole® type B

Acoustic separation between stairs and floor slabs.

Schöck Tronsole® type AZ

Impact noise separation between in-situ landing slab and stairwall.

Schöck Tronsole@ type AZT

Acoustic separation between in-situ poured landing slabs and wall (with pre-prepared load bearing element).

Schöck Tronsole® type ZF

Acoustic separation of prefabricated landing slabs and stair wall.

Schöck Tronsole® type V

Acoustic separation of in-situ poured concrete landing and brick/block wall.

Schöck Tronsole® type PL

Acoustic bridge free joint between flight and wall.

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