Schöck creates new Product Engineer role to enhance customer service

04/10/2011 Martin was previously a member of the Schöck technical team and is now responsible for Technical Seminars to cover structural topics and thermal break design principles as they affect the internal structure of a building and compliance with Part L.

It is part of the Schöck ethos that customer satisfaction determines the company’s behaviour and its actions, and this applies as much to developing services as it does to developing products. By necessity the engineers in the technical team are primarily project orientated, working closely with clients on specific day-to-day job related issues. However, it was recognised recently that there was scope for a role with a broader more ‘educative’ approach, placing the emphasis more on the general principles of thermal break issues and good design practice.

As a result, a new Product Engineer role has been created for which Martin Ernst, BEng, University of Applied Sciences Munich, has taken up the challenge.

To read more about Martin and his new role please click here.

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