Corporate Vision


  • Our company and Schöck Isokorb® are known globally in the construction industry. In Europe, we are market leaders for reinforcement technology and building physics solutions that minimise thermal bridges and acoustical bridges.
  • We strive for high returns and thus increase the value of the Schöck Group­ ­sustainably. Our focus is not on short-term successes but rather a future-oriented, long-term increase in value that also benefits our customers, employees and partners in the market.
  • We strive to generate attractive dividends for our shareholders while still meeting our ecological and social responsibilities.

Always a step ahead!


  • Improve quality of living and ensure a comfortable living climate by preventing structural damage (thermal and acoustical bridges).
  • Simplify procedures and improve the quality of construction work.
  • Be a competent partner, excellent problem solver and innovative market leader in thermal and sound insulation.

We improve construction

Values/mission statement

  • We think and act in a corporate manner which transcends departmental and divisional borders. We perceive colleagues and other departments as internal customers.
  • Top performance is our key success factor.
  • We interact openly and fairly with our partners. Customer satisfaction determines our behaviour and actions.
  • We apply all of our expertise and competence in order to always offer our customers top quality products and services.
  • We strive to continuously improve our processes.
  • We treat failings as an opportunity to improve our performance by ensuring that every individual works to identify and eliminate the causes of such failings.
  • Conflicts are natural; we discuss them openly and resolve them quickly and fairly.
  • Every individual at Schöck will comply with our compliance guidelines in every aspect of his or her work and follow all pertinent legal requirements and internal rules and regulations of the company and country in which he or she works.
  • People are always at the heart of everything we do. This is why we are committed to working towards socially responsible interactions within our company and across all areas of society in general.

Leadership and cooperation

  • Line managers at Schöck are role models who encourage their employees and thus guide them towards top performance.
  • We guide employees by defining goals; we place trust in our employees and offer them the freedom to take decisions.
  • Responsibility for the success of the leadership process is shared by the line manager(s) and the employees.
  • We communicate directly, openly and honestly.
  • We offer, demand and encourage fair feedback on our leadership performance.
  • Demonstrating respect and openness, we discuss performance, behaviour and conflicts with our staff to offer them clear orientation.
  • In terms of the implementation of rigorous and consistent leadership activities, we follow the situational leadership model.
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