Schöck Isokorb® type K-corner

Schöck Isokorb® type K-corner: Thermal break element for balconies around outer corners

Schöck Isokorb® type K-corner is used to complement Schöck Isokorb® types K and KF when building cantilevered external corner balconies. It transfers negative moments and positive shear forces. Schöck Isokorb® type K-corner always consists of a 1st layer element and a 2nd layer element. Breaking it down into two parts like this enables its use to be tailored to structural and design requirements.


  • BBA Certification
    Technically approved and certified by the BBA
  • Fire resistance class REI120
    Also available in fire resistance class REI120
  • Detailed planning literature
    Technical Information, Certificates, Approvals, the Thermal Bridging Portal and Installation instructions
  • Two independent partial elements
    To match the relevant structural and design requirements
  • Free choice of load bearing capacities and layers
    For enhanced freedom and cost efficiency during planning and execution
  • Good load bearing capacity
    For common cantilever lengths on external corners
  • Ideal option for balconies at external corners
    Load peaks are reliably deflected in the corner
  • Also suitable for element slabs
    Two partial parts for the installation at the prefabricated plant and on site
  • Standardised
    Available in standard heights of 180 mm – 250 mm; other heights and constructions available on request


Technical Information

Technical Information Schöck Isokorb® type K-corner

pdf, 2,46 MB (21/02/2017)
Installation instructions

Installation Instruction Schöck Isokorb® Type K-corner

pdf, 1,63 MB (19/10/2012)

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