CAD/BIM-Service.Schöck planning support.


Apart from providing 3-D objects in various BIM formats, we guarantee one thing above all else: support for our customers by offering up-to-date, reliable and accurate product data for integrated building planning and design.

Advantages of BIM planning with Schöck products

  • Efficient cooperation saves time
    Giving all project stakeholders access to your planning files in real time optimises cooperation and helps to avoid mistakes
  • Enhances quality and reduces costs
    Early identification of geometric conflicts
  • Integration into an overall planning system
    Use Schöck’s BIM libraries to easily and quickly integrate the detailed Schöck application into your overall building plans

If you have any questions regarding Schöck's CAD/BIM service, please contact:

Hotline Technical design department

Phone: 01865 290 890

Fax: 01865 290 899


BIM libraries

Special object libraries and plug-ins have been developed for users of the leading BIM systems. Particular focus was given to ensuring easy and efficient use of the objects.

At present, these libraries are available for the standard Schöck Isokorb® product portfolio (reinforced concrete-reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete-steel and steel-steel) for Allplan and ArchiCAD CAD systems. Revit and Tekla will follow. Implementation involved the creation of native objects offering optimum performance and parametrisation. Two levels of detail are available in the plug-in: one for preliminary planning and one for execution planning. This is equivalent to the planning workflow from draft to selection of the exact type of product. The preliminary planning objects can be subsequently converted into more detailed objects without having to manually recreate them.

All Schöck Isokorb® types are also available in IFC 2x3 exchange format to support the OPEN BIM approach.

2-D/3-D CAD library – CAD Service

CAD Service offers a comprehensive library containing all standard 2-D and 3-D formats, together with the BIM exchange format IFC 2x3, that can be downloaded and incorporated into a CAD/BIM model.

To the 2-D/3-D CAD library

Allplan library: Schöck Isokorb®

Allplan is a CAD program for architects, construction engineers and contractors. It supports the planning and construction process with regard to both quality and cost. Smartpart objects and Schöck plug-ins (Version 2015 or later) are available.

To the Allplan library

ArchiCAD library: Schöck Isokorb®

ArchiCAD is a CAD program for architects that was developed specifically for the building trade. Smartpart objects and Schöck plug-ins (Version 18 or later) are available.

To the ArchiCAD library