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DETAIL 2015 - Special edition.

Building with steel.

Welcome to the latest edition of DETAIL with a special focus on steel structures.


Sustainable construction.

ECO Platform mark.

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) contains details about a product's environmental performance. An EPD for Isokorb® type KXT 50 is now available with ECO logo.


Schöck Isokorb®.

New references.

New case studies and further information about different projects can be found in the area Showroom/Case studies.


New Schöck CAD-Service.

Planning with BIM.

The new CAD service with all standard 2D and 3D formats, as well as the BIM Exchange Format IFC 2x3 enables simple and efficient planning with Schöck Isokorb®.

Technical support

Do you need assistance with your building project? Let us work out a solution for you!

Schöck Case Studies

Schöck products have been used throughout the world in thousands of projects.

Thermal bridges

This portal presents information on the nature and significance of structural thermal bridges in buildings constructed of concrete and steel.


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