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Steel balcony thermal break.

Technical manual update.

We have updated our technical manual for the Schöck Isokorb® type KS - the thermal break element for steel balconies. You can see the latest changes in this area.


The Schöck museum.

A virtual look around.

The Schöck museum shows over 50 years of Schöck history. Be guided around virtually and learn more about our innovations.


Pushing the Envelope.

With Les Turbulences.

FRAC Centre, Contemporary Art and Architecture Center in Orleans, France takes a shape with steel thermal breaks.

Technical support

Do you need assistance with your building project? Let us work out a solution for you!

Schöck Case Studies

Schöck products have been used throughout the world in thousands of projects.

Thermal bridges

This portal presents information on the nature and significance of structural thermal bridges in buildings constructed of concrete and steel.


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